Our Location : Drummond Island, Michigan

At the heart of any event is its location, and we have searched the Great Lakes Region to find a place that is as unique as the knowledge and skills GLTAG offers. Drummond Island, located at the mouth of the St. Mary’s River in beautiful Northern Lake Huron, is a true gem of the Great Lakes. The island holds an array of some of the most breathtaking natural features and ecologically pristine habitats in the region with endless opportunities to explore, adventure, and learn. To learn more about the wonders of Drummond Island and view maps, please visit the Drummond Island Tourism Association’s website. Some features of the island include:

  1. Expansive wild rice beds

  2. Rare alvar glacial ecosystem

  3. Pristine boreal and deciduous forests

  4. 300 million year old fossil ledges

  5. Access to Lake Huron and St. Mary’s waterway

  6. Dozens of near-shore historic shipwrecks

  7. Fascinating cultural, historical, and archaeological sites

  8. Outlying island nature preserves within paddling distance

  9. Wide array of natural habitats that support many unique and rare species

The GLTAG site is located on the quaint and secluded Warner’s Cove, one of the few sand bays on the south shore of Drummond Island. The site is wooded but open and ideal for camping and classes with a beautiful view and direct acces to the cove and the big lake. The large sand beach is ideal for swimming, and the surrounding natural areas are home to several ecosystems that are a forager’s paradise.

The island can be reached by public ferry that is operated by the Eastern Upper Peninsula Transportation Authority. The ferry runs 24 hours, generally every hour during daytime and every few hours from midnight to morning. Cost is a very reasonable $14 for a car or pickup and driver, and $2 per every additional adult – without a vehicle price is $2 per adult. Ferry schedule and pricing can be found HERE. There is also an airport on the island, follow the link for the ferry schedule and scroll down to see air service details.


Primitive tent camping areas are provided onsite for registered participants. You provide your own tent. Staying onsite is the best way to fully enjoy the many fun aspects of GLTAG camplife. All other accommodations listed below must be purchased separately from local businesses.

RV camping is available on the island. A listing of RV camping options on the island can be found HERE. We recommend Trailhead Campground which is close to the site and has full facilities.

Other accommodations ranging from hotels to vacation resorts are also available – click HERE for more information.

Site Facilities

Potable water is provided, and the site has flush toilets. The lake is available for bathing or swimming. To keep our lakes clean we ask that participants use biodegradable soap.  Bring sandals, suit, etc. Sandals are always recommended for swimming.

A large tent will be available in the central area for dining, camp meetings, and entertainment. Smaller flys and shelters are provided as classroom spaces in outlying wooded areas and along the beach.

A professionally staffed medical tent will also be onsite.