14 May, 2019


Rental cars have made traveling and leisure easy and affordable. As a tourist, it could be quite impossible to take trips with your own car especially if you plan to travel long distances. This situation can be salvaged by renting a car which gives you the same comfort as your own at the same time cutting on your cost. There are numerous companies offering car rental services one of the most popular called Rental24H. This is a global company whose services spread across almost everywhere in the world 24/7. It is a combination of leading rental agencies in different locations allowing customers to compare prices.

Wherever you are taking a trip to, you require the vehicle that suits the trip. Some of the best choices for convertible rental cars include:


==2009 Ford Mustang Convertible==

This is likely the best choice for a cheap rental Mustang. The Mustang comes in 210-horsepower V6 and 300-horsepower V8 with a fun, grumbling soundtrack. This car is quick and strong enough, more to that it carves corners more enthusiastically compared to most cars. The Mustang has a
9.7 cubic foot trunk

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Journeying around Canada

7 May, 2019



The simplest, although most costly way of transport. Try to reserve beforehand as you will spend less. It is necessary to keep in mind that in Canada flight companies overbook flights. If you’re able to be flexible together with your seat, they will provide you with excellent deals. As an example, they could present you with the following available flight towards your holiday destination and therefore $275.


Low priced if there’s even more than one of you and additionally you’re over twenty-five years old (just for insurance purposes). Fuel is a lot less costly in Canada than in the United Kingdom, so that you can obtain a lot more miles for the money. Further, it gives you independence to go where you wish to go, when you need to go. There are lots of local rental providers to pick from, so look around to find the best deal. Beware, one way charges plus tax, each of which are added at that time you pick up the car by enterprise yul.


You can purchase passes, that allow you to do a certain number of

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Best summer attractions in Denver

8 April, 2019



Summers are always the best times for travelling and when it comes to places like Denver, it is the most amazing duration to enjoy all that it has to offer. All it takes is for one to rent a vehicle and embark on this really entertaining journey in sunny Denver. So if you are looking for a place to enjoy outdoors in the summers, then Denver is the ultimate destination for you.

The following are the list of attractions that Denver offers during the summer season from March to September:

1. Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre and the park is an amazing attraction for tourists as it boasts of being an outdoor location for concerts. The natural acoustics provide for an ultimate musical experience. Also, the park has various hiking trails for those wishing to go for a hike in the sunny weather.

2. City Park

It offers a great destination for those willing to entertain themselves with smooth and sultry jazz and that too for free. The City Park holds free concerts of jazz every Sunday during the summer months from June to August …

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A New Year and New Opportunities to Protect Our Waters

2 April, 2019


Dear Friends of Florida waters:

I hope everyone took the opportunity to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends and that we are all rested up and ready to take a fresh stand for Florida’s waters in 2016.  I know that I did and as I sit here at my desk, looking out at Ochlockonee Bay, thinking of all the amazing people in Florida who are committed to protecting our waters, I am encouraged and inspired.

Yet, the 2016 legislative session is upon us and once again we face daunting challenges.  Our state leaders are completely controlled by corporate money and special interests.  They seem to care nothing about Florida’s fragile resources or the future we leave for our children and grandchildren. Yet, time and time again we collectively are able to stave off their attacks or find a way to force positive actions from them.  When we are successful, it is because we all stand together and focus.  That’s what we have to do again this year.

On a more positive note, it looks like we will have a more level playing field in the

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4 Must Visit Hotels In Denver

29 March, 2019



If you are planning for a vacation in Denver, you must be thinking where you will get your accommodation and food. But never worry because the following are the hotels that we have enlisted that offer the best accommodations, food and other activities such as swimming, skiing, hiking and many more. You can book this hotel using rent a car in Denver which will also give you a car for your travel.

Hotels in Denver

1. The Crawford Hotel

Crawford hotel has got the guest rooms which are adorned with some striking amenities and artworks like the coffee makers, in-room iPads, complimentary Wi-Fi, and the rain showers. The hotel has got on-site services like The salon and spa, a 24-hour gym, and an Oxford club which consists of fitness classes. There are no other on-site restaurants in the hotel, but it is located at the most trendy place neighbourhood like Lodi which makes up for it. The Crawford hotel has a transportation services courtesy, and it ferries it’s guests to and from anywhere provided it’s within the radius of two miles.

2. The Brown Palace Spa

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Our Location : Drummond Island, Michigan

29 March, 2019


At the heart of any event is its location, and we have searched the Great Lakes Region to find a place that is as unique as the knowledge and skills GLTAG offers. Drummond Island, located at the mouth of the St. Mary’s River in beautiful Northern Lake Huron, is a true gem of the Great Lakes. The island holds an array of some of the most breathtaking natural features and ecologically pristine habitats in the region with endless opportunities to explore, adventure, and learn. To learn more about the wonders of Drummond Island and view maps, please visit the Drummond Island Tourism Association’s website. Some features of the island include:

  1. Expansive wild rice beds

  2. Rare alvar glacial ecosystem

  3. Pristine boreal and deciduous forests

  4. 300 million year old fossil ledges

  5. Access to Lake Huron and St. Mary’s waterway

  6. Dozens of near-shore historic shipwrecks

  7. Fascinating cultural, historical, and archaeological sites

  8. Outlying island nature preserves within paddling distance

  9. Wide array of natural habitats that support many unique and rare species

The GLTAG site is located on the quaint and secluded

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