Rental cars have made traveling and leisure easy and affordable. As a tourist, it could be quite impossible to take trips with your own car especially if you plan to travel long distances. This situation can be salvaged by renting a car which gives you the same comfort as your own at the same time cutting on your cost. There are numerous companies offering car rental services one of the most popular called Rental24H. This is a global company whose services spread across almost everywhere in the world 24/7. It is a combination of leading rental agencies in different locations allowing customers to compare prices.

Wherever you are taking a trip to, you require the vehicle that suits the trip. Some of the best choices for convertible rental cars include:


==2009 Ford Mustang Convertible==

This is likely the best choice for a cheap rental Mustang. The Mustang comes in 210-horsepower V6 and 300-horsepower V8 with a fun, grumbling soundtrack. This car is quick and strong enough, more to that it carves corners more enthusiastically compared to most cars. The Mustang has a
9.7 cubic foot trunk making it efficient to take a trip.

==2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata

This car is efficient and affordable for renting. It surpasses its predecessors in regards to space which saw it become the go-to sports cars of the 20th century. This makes it a good fit for a family trip not to mention its easy handling and modern comfort features like Bluetooth phone connection ensuring a fun experience while traveling.


==Volvo C70==

This Sedan focuses more on safety than its sporty predecessors. The car comprises of electronic brake assistance, a Whiplash Protection System that puts head restraints in all seats, and roll bars behind the rear passenger seats that set out once the sensors detect an imminent roll. The Volvo C70 has rear legroom of 33.9 inches. It is has the most spacious rear legroom of all convertibles.


==BMW 328i==

The BMW has 31.3 inches of rear legroom. The cars safety features allows parents be at ease in a ride along with their family. This BMW comprises of:


  1. Front and rear Head Protection System.
  2. Rollover Protection System.
  3. Fuel pump and starter from the battery.
  4. LATCH attachments on child-restraint safety installation and crash sensors.
  5. Turns on the interior lights, hazard and unlocks the door.


==Volkswagen Eos==

This car has could be the second most spacious convertible in respect to legroom, with 32.5 inches of it. This Volkswagen’s key features include:

  1. Electronic stability control.
  2. A crash-optimized front end.
  3. Sensor-deployed roll bars incorporated on the seats.


==Saab 9-3 Convertible==

Backseat passengers are well catered for with 32.3 inches of legroom. Some safety features that make the car suitable for a road trip are:


  1. Child seat anchors.
  2. Head restraint whiplash protection systems.
  3. Sensor deployed adaptive airbags.

These are some of the top convertible cars to hire when taking a trip with your family. These cars will offer comfort and stability and most importantly the cars offer efficiency. These types of convertibles are easily accessible through popular rental agencies and are quite affordable.