Historic and Traditional Crafts and Technologies

August 1 - 5, 2018


Class Descriptions

Paper Art - Georgia Donovan

Georgia will teach you how to use silhouettes of plants animals to fold and cut a design that creates intricate and expressive patterns. These can be simple or elaborate, and the cutout techniques can be applied to paper or birch bark. The finished cutouts can be used as patterns for etching birch bark or beading, and of course they are also a great art form for display. This a perfect class for parents and any children old enough to handle scissors, and Georgia has asked that anyone who plans to participate bring a favorite pair of scissors.

Traditional Resin Adhesives and “Dop” Hafting - Bob Berg

Bob is an expert at mixing and formulating natural adhesives. His mixture for use with “dop” hafting is an eye opener for those familiar with the “notch, glue, and bind” styles of hafting - allowing one to simply glob-glue a flint flake-blade to the side of a stick and use it as a drawknife or crooked knife. You will be amazed by these tool’s ability to remove wood rapidly and efficiently, with full-power durability. BTW - That picture is a flint blade stuck to the side of stick (with a glob of pine-pitch-based adhesive) and being used as a crooked knife! This workshop will widen your perspective of the surprising possibilities available for hafting stone tools.

Firearms of the Fur Trade - Larry Horrigan

The smooth bore flintlock trade gun is the iconic tool of an iconic era, and Larry has been replicating fur trade firearms (and even an occasional big bore air rifle) for over a decade. He will have a collection of replica guns ranging from standard .62 caliber trade guns to the massive 1 inch bore “wall gun”,  and will discuss the features, innovations, and and historical and cultural significance of the various pieces. Then go along on a live-fire demonstration outing where you will have the chance to shoot some of these historic firearms and the circa 1775 ball reservoir .40 caliber air gun.

Cree Style Woven Rabbit Fur Blankets - Daisy Kostus

Made by preparing and weaving rabbit skin “yarn”, these intricate and unbelievably warm and soft blankets are a staple of traditional hunter-gatherer peoples of the north. Daisy will teach you how to properly skin the rabbit, process the fur into long strips, and weave these iconic and practical fur blankets. Of course, she also has some great rabbit recipes and traditional teachings relating to rabbits and all of the gifts they provide.

White Pine Bark Baskets - Jennifer Lee

Jennifer will be bringing patterns and materials to make a variety of small baskets, perfect for youth and first-time basket makers. A total of six styles will be offered, with different sizes and techniques for different skill levels. A great chance to learn the basics of spruce root processing, rim carving, and bark bending. Help us welcome Jennifer to her first GLTAG!

Loom Beading - Kristy Phillips

Kristy will teach you how to build your own loom from simple items, and all the techniques and tricks of making beautiful and functional beaded items ranging from sashes to bracelets.

Haudenosaunee Pottery - Natasha Smoke Santiago

Natasha weaves together history, traditional teachings, and hands-on art as she guides us through the creation of an Iroquoian type pinch pot. She will also discuss symbols found on traditional pottery, and have plenty of examples of pottery and tools from history and modern times. We are excited to welcome Natasha and her beautiful traditional artistry to Drummond Island!