One of the signature class formats at GLTAG is the symposium. Symposiums combine the knowledge of several instructors and participants into a single workshop. We tend to use the symposium format for subjects that we feel would benefit from a team of instructors who bring a variety of angles, skills, and knowledge sets to a given subject. We invite anyone with a contribution to a symposium topic to share their knowledge and skills.

Hunting and Trapping Tools and Technologies

Animals are core resources for cultures worldwide, and there is a huge variety of cultural and technological aspects that have been employed through the ages to harvest animals and the resources they provide. From theory to tools and techniques, several of our instructors have specialized knowledge related to effectively and respectfully harvesting animals in different ecosystems and situations. This is a perennial favorite symposium that is sure to change how you understand ancient and modern use of animals.

Traditional and Wilderness/Emergency Lighting

Lighting is an often overlooked technology that has taken many forms in various cultures through time. Symposiums invite anyone who has something to share, and to get things started we will have an array of lighting systems that utilize materials from the local environment. Fat lamps, balsam torches, hickory bark torches, pith candles - the list goes on. We even hear that birch bark torches have been recently put to the test spearing fish in a dugout canoe....

Traditional and Heirloom Seed Exchange

We invite everyone to bring seeds, stories, and knowledge to this exchange. GLLI will be providing samples of some of the rare and culturally important varieties in our seed bank as well. We will begin with an introduction to seed-saving and its importance, followed by open discussion and knowledge sharing. Of course, the heart of the symposium is the seeds themselves, and the opportunity to help preserve the agricultural heritage and genetics that are the result of generations of careful tending, selection, and preservation.

Sustainable Food Production in the Great Lakes Region

Join this round-table forum focused on topics related to foraging, permaculture, agriculture and gardening, fishing, hunting, and gathering in the Great Lakes Region and beyond. This is a chance for people to share regional projects, approaches, resources, ideas, and philosophy regarding what is happening now, visions for the future, and the many aspects of sustainability and permaculture.