Natural History, Sustainability, and Agriculture

August 1 - 5, 2018


Class Descriptions

Potaganassing River Wild Rice Tour  - With Roger LaBine

Join Roger LaBine for a trip to the rice beds on Drummond by canoe and kayak. The Potagannissing River and the interior lakes of the island support extensive wild rice beds that have provided an important staple food for Ojibway families from the Eastern Upper Peninsula and adjacent Ontario who used the island as a key annual rice gathering site. Once abundant throughout the Great Lakes Region, wild rice populations have suffered heavily from logging activities, disturbance, pollution, and changing water levels. While many wild rice beds in the region have disappeared, rice stands on the island’s inland waterway have continued to thrive, providing rich and unique habitat for an abundance of wildlife. Roger has a deep personal and cultural connection to manoomin, and has been restoring, protecting, nurturing, and educating people about it for decades. We guarantee great teachings, good laughs, and respect for manoomin on this adventure....

Traditional and Heirloom Seed Exchange - Symposium

We invite everyone to bring seeds, stories, and knowledge to this exchange. GLLI will be providing samples of some of the rare and culturally important varieties in our seed bank as well. We will begin with an introduction to seed-saving and its importance, followed by open discussion and knowledge sharing. Of course, the heart of the symposium is the seeds themselves, and the opportunity to help preserve the agricultural heritage and genetics that are the result of generations of careful tending, selection, and preservation.

Sustainable Food Production in the Great Lakes Region - Symposium

Join this round-table forum focused on topics related to foraging, permaculture, agriculture and gardening, fishing, hunting, and gathering in the Great Lakes Region and beyond. This is a chance for people to share regional projects, approaches, resources, ideas, and philosophy regarding what is happening now, visions for the future, and the many aspects of sustainability and permaculture.

Botanical Illustration - Georgia Donovan

Would you like to draw better plants in your field notes, or commemorate a favorite plant with your own artwork? This class helps you blend botanical accuracy with art, using colored pencils and ink markers. You may use watercolor if you'd like. We can draw from live plants, my photos, or your own. Georgia is a talented artist, and this is a great chance to learn a rare skill!