Language, Oral Traditions, Music, and Dance

July 19 - 23, 2017


Class Descriptions

Growing Up Cree - Daisy Kostus

While growing up Cree with her family in the bush, Daisy was given many stories and teachings. She is a wealth of cultural and practical knowledge that comes only from having lived a hunting and gathering  lifestyle with a cultural tradition spanning centuries of accumulated knowledge. Daisy will delight you with her stories, practical knowledge, and humorous tales of Cree life around James Bay.

Connecting Language with the Land - Kristy Phillips

Join Kristi for a look at how Aniishinabemwin is connected to the land and how this has changed due to colonization and displacement.

Pottawatomi BINGO - Jijak Foundation Language Staff

Play bingo in the language - learn some new words, have tons of fun....