Class Descriptions

Hunting and Trapping Tools and Technologies (Symposium)

Animals are core resources for cultures worldwide, and there is a huge variety of cultural and technological aspects that have been employed through the ages to harvest animals and the resources they provide. From theory to tools and techniques, several of our instructors have specialized knowledge related to effectively and respectfully harvesting animals in different ecosystems and situations. This is a perennial favorite symposium that is sure to change how you understand ancient and modern use of animals.

Atlatl And Dart Making - Bob Berg

Few people have explored the various aspects of atlatl technology as much as Mr. Berg, and he will have the tools and materials for making different atlatl and point styles with various materials like copper, antler, bone, flint, and wood. Bob will be focusing on his “competition class” bamboo darts, and as always he will have everything you need to get started. Bob is an experienced atlatlist, having hunted and fished with them for decades. Combined with our water-target course in Warners Cove, GLTAG 2013 will be a superb chance to explore a wide range of atlatl technologies.

Making Fish Pemmican - Daisy Kostus

Pemmican is a food of choice for nutrition and energy that will not spoil quickly. As a youth, Daisy often made pemmican with fish, berries, and fat for her family to carry while hunting and trapping in the wilderness James Bay region. Daisy will demonstrate the process and share her knowledge of various ingredients and stories of this iconic north-country food technology.

Cree Style Woven Rabbit Fur Blankets - Daisy Kostus

Made by preparing and weaving rabbit skin “yarn”, these intricate and unbelievably warm and soft blankets are a staple of traditional hunter-gatherer peoples of the north. Daisy will teach you how to properly skin the rabbit, process the fur into long strips, and weave these iconic and practical fur blankets. Of course, she also has some great rabbit recipes and traditional teachings relating to rabbits and all of the gifts they provide.

Crafting the Hickory Hunting Bow - Roger Cook

Learn the fundamentals of crafting a bow from seasoned hickory! Hickory is an ideal wood for beginners, and is capable of making powerful bows in the hands of an expert. Roger will supply the tools and will have a selection of staves available to choose from. Not only will you craft a functional bow, but he will also cover strings, shooting styles, and care of the archery kit. This is a perfect chance to build an archery kit suitable for hunting or target shooting!