GLTAG is a family-oriented event! Although youth of appropriate age are welcome in adult classes, we have special accommodations for the young ones. Many instructors offer special classes for youth, and we encourage families to attend event functions together. Remember that instructors are not babysitters, so if a child needs special attention or is too young to participate independently, there will need to be a guardian present even at youth classes. Below is a list of the kids activities we currently have scheduled.

  1. Tree identification and leaf rubbings

  2. Beaded jewelry making

  3. Playing with natural dyes

  4. Songs of Great Lakes

  5. Casting animal tracks

  6. Birds of prey

  7. Making copper beads

  8. Storytelling

  9. Deerskin pouches

  10. Woodsy fort building

  11. Traditional games

  12.     Check back regularly for updates as more kids classes are added to the schedule.

Because kids are the future!