Class Descriptions

Anishinabe Dahmnaboo (Ojibwe Corn Soup) - George Martin

We are honored to have the opportunity to learn this traditional food process from George. Starting with the historically widespread process of nixtimalization (treating corn with ash or lime solution) that almost every indigenous culture that relies on maize uses to release the full potential of the grain, George will be making hominy corn soup in the traditional manner. This is a wonderful chance to see one of the most important traditional food technologies of the Great Lakes up close with a a widely recognized traditionalist who continues the tradition as he was taught by his elders.

Manoomin (Wild Rice) Processing and Cooking - Roger LaBine

Wild rice has been harvested by indigenous people for thousands of years in the Great Lakes region. As a food source, manoomin - which translates to “the good berry” is rarely matched, and indeed it is considered sacred by Anishinaabe people who’s ancient migration led them to the place where food grows on the water. Wild rice is harvested from lakes and rivers then processed at communal rice camps. At this interactive camp, Roger LaBine will share the traditional methods of parching, dancing, winnowing, cleaning, and cooking the rice. If you have ever dreamed of learning how to use wild rice as a food source, this is your chance to participate in the traditional process from start to finish.

Making Fish Pemmican and Bone Broths - Daisy Kostus

Pemmican is a food of choice for nutrition and energy that will not spoil quickly. As a youth, Daisy often made pemmican with fish, berries, and fat for her family to carry while hunting and trapping in the wilderness James Bay region. Daisy will demonstrate the process and share her knowledge of various ingredients and stories of this iconic north-country food technology. Another important source of nutrients that the Cree people rely on is bone broth. Bones are a valuable source of essential nutrients, and Daisy will be showing how bones can be processed into surprisingly tasty and very healthy foods.

Sustainable Food Production in the Great Lakes Region - Symposium

Join this round-table forum focused on topics related to foraging, permaculture, agriculture and gardening, fishing, hunting, and gathering in the Great Lakes Region and beyond. This is a chance for people to share regional projects, approaches, resources, ideas, and philosophy regarding what is happening now, visions for the future, and the many aspects of sustainability and permaculture.