Fiber and Textile Arts

August 1 - 5, 2018


Class Descriptions

Fiber and Cordage - Amy Schmidt

Amy will teach you the basics of making string, rope, and lashings from wild plant materials including bark, plant stems, and leaves. Cordage is one of the fundamental human technologies, and string can be made quickly with no tools. Learn the basics with various fibers, from harvesting and preparing to making string and rope and thread, this is a skill no one should be without. This class is perfect introduction for those who plan to work on more advanced fiber arts with Mike Miller in his twining and netting classes.

Cree Style Woven Rabbit Fur Blankets - Daisy Kostus

Made by preparing and weaving rabbit skin “yarn”, these intricate and unbelievably warm and soft blankets are a staple of traditional hunter-gatherer peoples of the north. Daisy will teach you how to properly skin the rabbit, process the fur into long strips, and weave these iconic and practical fur blankets. Of course, she also has some great rabbit recipes and traditional teachings relating to rabbits and all of the gifts they provide.

Brain Tanning Hides and Furs - Zac Fittipladi

Zac will conduct a three day continuing open format class that anyone can visit, learn, and assist at their leisure while he works. Brain-tanning is an ecologically responsible and traditional process of preparing, softening, and preserving animal skins that has been practiced by many cultures around the world, and Zac will be sharing invaluable tips and insights as he start-to-finish tans multiple deer skins, with plenty of hides for everyone to learn. This class is a great opportunity to learn the skill and will give you the confidence and knowledge to successfully tan hides at home.

Loom Beading - Kristy Phillips

Kristy will teach you how to build your own loom from simple items, and all the techniques and tricks of making beautiful and functional beaded items ranging from sashes to bracelets.